Research, Awareness and Collaboration Focused on the Diverse Religious Communities of the Middle East

Research. Supporting and disseminating original scholarly work.

Awareness. Encouraging understanding of the diversity of Middle Eastern religious life.

Collaboration. Creating opportunities for scholarly discussion and exchange across borders, traditions and disciplines.

The work of the ISRME is located at the intersection of three broad areas of interest. Our geographic focus is the Middle East, with which we include regions such as Pakistan, North Africa and Turkey that have historically been linked with the same cultural and civilizational zone. Within this zone the Institute’s focus is on multi-disciplinary study of religious phenomena, including religious texts, ideas and belief systems, and also the rituals, histories and social structures of religious communities. Finally, in the study of Middle Eastern religious communities, we are especially concerned with religious diversity, and this means we are especially interested in research on small, emergent, or threatened religious communities and the interaction of such communities with majority traditions.

We are working to build a network of scholars and friends of the Institute throughout the Middle East and beyond, and we welcome your partnership. If you would like to participate at any level in the work of the ISRME, please consider signing on as a member.

“We gain most not by simply comparing or dialoguing about established positions or dogmas, but by working side by side on common problems that engage us as humans and as spiritual beings.”  W. C. Smith