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The Trinitarian and Christological Formulations of Abū al-Faraj ‘Abd Allāh Ibn al-Ṭayyib and I[more]
Istanbul Theology & Culture Forum, October 1, 2017.  Lecture by Shawn Wright, Professor of Chur[more]
13 Aralık 2016 (Salı) saat 14:00'da.  Istanbul Üniversitesi Ilahiyat Fakültesi Hristiyan ve [more]
Paul Lim, Vanderbilt University.  Istanbul University Faculty of Theology, October 18, 2016 One [more]
Professor Michael Reimer, American University in Cairo.  October 6, 2016 at Istanbul Şehir Univers[more]
Professor Michael Reimer, American University in Cairo.   Istanbul University Faculty of Theolog[more]
Lecture at the Faculty of Theology, Istanbul University, May 10, 2016 Muslims are not the only mo[more]
Religious Freedom
A report from a University of Notre Dame  project investigating responses of Christian communities [more]
Link to Full Report. English Introduction and Summary: The Turkish Protestant co[more]
Preserving the Freedom for Faith: Re-evaluating the Politics of Compulsion.  Abdullah bin Hamid Ali[more]